Did you Know?

North America – USA

The American species is the biggest among rodents on the continent. Its most notable characteristic is the long, flat, oval-shaped tail.


The discovery of American beavers coincides with the discovery of Canada. The image of the Beaver is embossed on the back of Canadian nickel and its image it is often seen on the Canadian stamps. It is also a symbol of the city of Toronto, the mascot of many other cities, universities and organizations in Canada.

United Kingdom – UK 

There has been a massive beaver extinction in the 16th century due to their hunting of beavers for their fur, castoreum, and meat. The good news is that the beaver’s population is making a comeback throughout Europe, including the UK, Wales, and Scotland. Their reintroduction will be is made through well planned and licensed releases. Their positive influence on the environment is fully acknowledged!

Europe & Asia 

The Eurasian Beaver is the larger doppelganger of the American one, with only a narrower muzzle and tail. The two species cannot be interbred, though, as they are not genetically compatible.

Engineers of the woods

Their technique of cutting down trees is very laborious, truly Woodworking Design – first, they slice the trunk halfway with their teeth and after they let the wind finish the job. Beavers must be very patient, skilful, and robust, as dealing with wood is nothing but hard work. They are practically the engineers of nature.

Building Steps

STEP 1 – They are nocturnal animals, so working at night is not a big deal. The young beavers chop the woods; every few bites, they stop to listen for creaks and snaps. This is how they know when to stop and search for cover.

STEP 2 – The females join in and start to cut up the tree into logs. They both sweep off the branches and float the logs into the water. They are eco-friendly builders; they use all the environmental help to create the beaver lodge.

STEP 3 – They start building the inside filling it with rooms and entryways. They use the pond to transport the wood, struggling with it afterward at the surface. Stones help them make the base of the construction. They drill mud under the pond to seal their dam. The layer of the mud is the final touch, holding everything together.

Castor sacs / Anal Glands

There is an interesting connection between the scent of vanilla and beavers. They use a substance called (how else?) castoreum in combination with urine to mark their territory. One can milk their so-called anal glands and get a mix of scents of mainly vanilla, raspberry with certain floral hints. Beavers use it to distinguish their families from the outsiders, while us humans meddled with it in perfumes, desserts (vanilla ice-cream, anyone?), beverages and medicines. Such uses have become obsolete; the beavers are no longer massively hunted for their castoreum, or pelts.

The shamanic beaver Symbolism

As a power animal – the beaver is all about perseverance and ingenuity while carrying one’s work. The beaver encourages you to be diligent until the task is completed. Productivity and achievement are also its characteristic features.
The phrases “Busy Beaver” and “Eager Beaver” describe their intelligence and eagerness to work and accomplish their innovative lodges and dams. When you decide to let the beaver energy entering your life, you have to be prepared for a period of hard work, cooperation but also accomplishments.

Beavers in your dreams

When you dream of a beaver, he foretells a time of planning and building is foretold. Analise what the beaver is doing in your dream – if for example is chewing through a tree you may need to likewise “chew” through an obstacle in your life to achieve a goal.


In Native American Astrology, those born between the 20th of April and 20th of May are considered to be under the sign of the Beaver. These people are working very hard throughout their life, as they need refuge, sacred home, and space. Beaver people are persistent; they have more than one house, a dam in their life as much as jobs. They don’t like to take with them what they do not need.

Did you Know

  • That an adult can cut over 200 trees a year? And they can swim 5mph.
  • That the largest dam built by them, on record, was 4,000 feet long?
  • That their fur is oily and thick, making it waterproof and warm?

Healthy Diet

Both species are vegetarians; they know how to eat the sugary layer underneath the tree bark. They have special enzymes in their stomach to digest the high fibre of trees. When the weather is cold outside, they will store food underwater to get to it from their lodges if pond water freezes over. So they have their own fridge.

Beaver Meaning sum-up:

  • Action
  • Adaptatability
  • Awareness
  • Cooperation
  • Dreamwork
  • Family
  • Goals
  • Productivity



They work as a whole family. They have to know what and how to create the eco-system that all nature takes advantage of.
They are wild but most talented, diligent and organized animals, who live in forests and around flowing waters.
They have been sawing wood through the forest for more than 20 million years.
They are not as much into adventurous romance; they are monogamous, living with a single partner all their lives.
They have resembling parts to other animals such as their front paws look like the raccoons, while their back feet are like a duck’s Their most precious tools are their teeth.
They have both the skills of a builder engineer and of a carpenter.


Fur colour is different. 66% of Eurasian beavers have pale brown or beige fur, 20% have red, nearly 8% are brown, and only 4% have black coats. In North American beavers, 50% have pale brown fur, 25% are red, 20% are brown, and 6% are black.


Their incisors are strengthened with iron, which makes them orange. They grow continuously and even sharper.



In our Graphic Design, the teeth are represented white, standing for strength and squeaky cleanliness.




There haven’t been reported any cases of Corona Virus to beavers so far. They continue living their innovative life building lodges, just like we do.