Olga Gudynn Int’l School

Olga Gudynn Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools provide quality formal education for children, aged 2 to 14.
Students can easily make the transition from preschool to primary and later to secondary school by continuing studies in the same safe and familiar environment, as their older colleagues. This is a strength of Olga Gudynn Int’l School educational system.

The educational process is conducted in accordance with the National Curriculum and Cambridge ESOL Curriculum with a wide opening insured for foreign languages​​, computer science, arts and sports activities.

In the five locations placed in several residential areas in Bucharest and Pipera – Voluntari, Olga Gudynn Int’l School currently accommodates more than 600 children of various nationalities.


Having a powerful name, implying global ramifications for the educational process, defining their holistic approach the school needed a visual identity to match it. 

OGIS branding lacked consistency across most of the visual communication channels, in contrast with its pristine educational system and well-established position in the market. This translated into a disruptive visual message, the existent advertising materials and logo design showing little potential for parents looking to invest into their children’s future.


The OGIS Brand needed a different visual strategy and the updating process had to start with their main identity, the logo. We kept the core values from the first iteration, the pen and the book in the shield, replacing the inside text with the OGIS acronym and the year of establishment of the company. We infused the logo with ideas of wisdom, protection and nobility by adding a pair of lions on each side: beyond their symbolism these elements provide, the visual balance required from a powerful image.OLD vs NEW LogoThe strong Latin motto inside the ribbon (through hard work you reach for the stars) adds stability and integrity to the composition while serving as a solid ground for the lions, while the handcrafted script lettering is pointing to a strong heritage value. Now, our logotype proudly sits next to other prestigious educational heraldic designs. Accomplishing  the main goal made everything else easy and, by working directly with the manager, the rebranding process was fast-paced and very productive. We’ve also successfully managed to:

– integrate an efficient workflow with universal templates for stationery and teacher reports

– implement indoor / outdoor signage for each of the 5 branches

– create a large corporate photography database, capturing students’ emotions learning in classrooms,  having fun in recess and community events, for advertising purposes, all GDPR Compliant since 2018

– create video content, adapted to various educational activities

– work on procedural materials such as: staff and parents handbook, students’ internal regulation policy and revising yearly enrolment documents

– grow the social media numbers from 1k in 2016 up to a total of 10k followers in 2019

– make premium partnerships with: Pullman Hotel and Resorts, Concret Copy – Photocopy Machines, ROSAL Recycling and Pest Solutions.