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    Apostrophe is an “all fun” and “all purpose” item store, which carefully selects its own merchandize to fit contemporary tastes and be hip. The Apostrophe concept meets demands for all the small moments that make a difference in life: an online store with over 1000 products at affordable prices and suitable for any occasion. They offer a wide range of items to choose from – starting with everyday life articles and continuing with clothes, office supplies, or even toys. Their presence on the crowded online market place required a refresh, aiming at a more defined and impactful image, true to their core values. Apostrophe understood the importance of offering multiple options to their clients and realized this concept makes a perfect branding choice.



    Consumer research revealed a need for a market place with funny, joyful products placed in an everchanging, always playful and sense stimuli offering, environment. The brand’s identity & values had to capture this feeling, being closely tied to modern fashion and style. A refreshing, cute and plentiful sensation, evoking  the pink side of life,  had to underline the  new brand identity,  making Apostrophe the  safest and most pleasant choice for customers.



    To disrupt the audience category conventional branding, BVR’s Creative Lodge built a strategy designed to bring more kindness into the world through an impactful but friendly form. The Apostrophe is the shopping cart, and by its bold and playful nature, it carries as many products each customer can buy. Motto: Small things that matter! The symbol /logo takes on an almost organic, corner rounded, shape to suggest the Apostrophe’s shopping cart is an elastic, roomy, recipient for all desired items. From there, we created an elevated brand identity with customized blobby letter-forms paired with an essential but vital color palette, and an art direction full of hand-crafted elements that gave a warm, personal touch. Finally, we designed mobile-first website elements that matched kindly-sourced products with real, raw photography products to tell the brand story while also driving sales.

    Making a visual choice that is aiming to win hearts and insure recurrent comeback through sensorial appeal – our adapted attempt to “sensory marketing” in the virtual realm – was a bold choice that was rewarded both by their old and new customers.


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