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BrunTek, a 100% Romanian owned company based in Vălenii de Munte, is standing out on the market of metal roofing manufacturers for residential and industrial consumers not only by a generous offer of quality products and services, but also through a continuous investment in developing good relations with its customers.
These relationships have brought BrunTek notoriety throughout Prahova County, contributing substantially to the sales growth and the development of the company.
Time had come for BrunTek to increase its brand visibility and capitalize on its good reputation: the company turned to BVR’s Creative Lodge to develop an OOH (Out of Home Advertising) visual campaign, aiming to become accessible to a wider community of potential customers.


Starting from an analysis of the brand’s visibility and positioning in relation to its direct competition, BVR’s Creative Lodge team established with the beneficiaries the most important campaign objectives and, literally, set out on the road: the entire territory targeted for the OOH marketing strategy was covered, analysed and interpreted in order to identify the optimal promotional solutions and to structure a campaign as closely as possible to the company’s needs and resources.

Adapting to the profile of the usual client, BrunTek had not relied before on classic brand promotion or on the advantages of a strong online presence. It had also paid little attention to a unified brand communication.

Aiming for maximum impact, we argued that this OOH marketing strategy would only be successful if, going beyond its purpose, it aimed to ensure a consistent presence both visually and in terms of message, across all communication channels used by the company in the future, not just through OOH advertising.


Starting with an already established logo and name, we identified an interesting, strong sounding tagline around which we managed to build a set of 3 coherent visuals intended for display on billboards and street banners. All was complemented by a short 2D animation bringing together, explaining and anchoring each important visual element of the brand and campaign, as well as its key messages.

These elements were integrated into a campaign strategy that includes recommendations on the placement of billboards and banners, the pacing of images presentation and suggestions for supporting the OOH marketing strategy online.

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