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    CTE Solution is a Romanian company with 10 years of experience in providing the best quality equipment for a wide range of activities from construction and demolition works to street cleaning and sanitation. They pride themselves on offering clients complete solutions starting from an initial audit, to design and final delivery of appropriate equipment. Having new and evolving offerings, CTE Solution felt a refresh of their company branding was in order. They wanted to emphasize their growth with a sharper image based around the brand name.


    Our consumer research identified that clients looking for technical data suiting their detailed requirements were also significantly influenced by a strong looking visual. While part of the company name is self-explanatory (solution) and offers the basis for a strong identity, the CTE identifier needs a stronger visual anchor. Their already established image identity (logo) needed a promo boost that could have only be given through proximity, through graphical context. The seriousness of the company, who offers tailored solutions from heavy duty machinery to softer equipment, needed to be made more approachable and livelier to customers, while not losing a bit of its solid, professional mark.


    BVR’s Creative Lodge reshaped CTE Solution’s image using impactful representations of equipment at work, complementing their entire range of products. We created a heavy industrial look that suggests power, efficiency and a professional approach in client relations. On the other hand, we have chosen to soften the communication of this look, by using fresh chromatics and as dynamic as possible compositions, for their catalogs, while also maintaining an elegant look. Thus, we managed to make the brand more approachable and visually unforgettable to potential clients.

    The presentation of their products is now integrated in realistic, carefully composed contexts, while they also benefit from a controlled, expert, graphic design.

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