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    Plexirom is a French company founded 25 years ago and based in Bucharest, Romania, that has become the European leader in bending acrylic products. Although the business was built on quality, it’s public image did not fully reflect that, so it needed a complete rebranding process.

    We had to change that perspective by emphasizing the importance of quality and building a premium value into the Plexirom Brand.


    Our research identified that the target audience needs to see reflected in the brand image a clear view of acrylic products, their clean-cut design resembling the transparent look of the end product.


    We visually shaped the Plexirom business model from a standard factory to a quality French company that offers a holistic range of acrylic products.

    From there, we built value into the brand story around their name brand – we chose to use the last letter of the company name, the “m”, to metaphorically communicate the company’s values.

    Related to shaping the acrylic products – the three pillars of the letter mark a solid support and stand for Quality; the curvature of the connection lines in the letter formation stands for Flexibility; the minimalist form, expressed through a fresh design reflects their Competitiveness.

    BVR’s Creative Lodge created a new visual identity and art direction, along with premium photography that elevated the brand. Finally, we created a packaging suite that ensured consistency while introducing storytelling elements to connect the consumer to the heart of Plexirom.

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    web page simulation